Helium Balloon Decorations Auckland 4
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Helium Balloon Decorations Auckland 2
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Helium Balloon Decorations Auckland 4

Helium Balloon Decorations for Parties and Promo Events

Champers Party Shop specializes in creating memorable celebrations no matter what the occasion. We offer Balloon Decorating Services for your events. Each project is treated as unique and personal taste is always taken into account.

To place an order or to contact me – txt my mobile on  021 137 4445, or email me through our contact form. I will get back to you asap.

Auckland Balloon Decorations Auckland Party Equipment Hire

Helium Balloons & Decoration, Party Supplies and Costumes Galore!

From balloons to bunting, costumes to crepe, at Champers Party Shop we have an enormous range of accessories for you to choose from to make your special occasion a memorable one. Talk to the manager, Sylvia, about your particular party requirements. The majority of customers know what they want but are a little unsure of how to put it together so ‘Champers’ biggest asset is that like a ‘wedding planner’, they will do a Champers Party Plan for you. If it is a theme you want, a classic and classy look or something completely bizarre, Sylvia will put together the perfect party for you.

Here at Champers we like to have fun in helping you create a unique event which will create happy memories for years to come

Gender Reveal Balloon Garland Party Decorations

A large balloon filled with confetti is a great way to reveal your exciting news. We can decorate for large and small events, just hand over your envelope. We will do the rest and wait for the big surprise.

Balloon Garlands Gender Reveal Party Decorations

Helium Balloon Decorations Delivered in Auckland

We have every coloured balloon you could imagine! Get us to personalise balloon decor for your event, or send a friend a bouquet of balloons (they last longer than flowers!). View our Helium Balloon Decorations.

Balloon Garlands

Decorate your special event with gorgeous balloon garlands!

Party and Event Equipment Hire in Auckland

Need to hire party supplies? Champers Party Shop has various products for hire to give your occasion the x-factor! View our Party Equipment for Hire.

Party and Event Supplies in Auckland

We offer a range of party themes we can style your next occasion to. If you have an idea we haven’t mentioned, talk to us (021 137 4445), and we can see what we can do to suit your needs. View our Party Themes and Supplies.

Testimonial for Balloon Decorations

Champers party shop have been FANTASTIC, they have basically organised all the decorating for both the church and the reception. They are busy decorating the church at the moment, and later on we can go and have a sneak peek as we have rehearsal tonight at 7pm. They have done such a great job with planning, and organising all the tiny details for our special day. Sylvia, from Champers has been our wedding planner, organiser and decorator for our wedding. She is the best! I would recommend anyone to go and see them if they need a planner and decorations for their wedding, or any other function! I’m not sure how much I have told you all, but our theme colours are black and white. Champers are decorating our church with balloon decorations, and the stuff that they do is incredible! We will post photos up after the wedding so that you can see how great they are! Thanks once again for everything Champers Party Shop.
Amanda (Life FM)

Check out some of our Wedding Accessories.

Champers Party Shop specialises in providing balloon decorations and party supplies. We have balloons of all designs and sizes, which can cater to all types of parties. We have a range of balloon packs (both helium balloons and normal) to make decorating your wedding or your kid’s birthday party a breeze. Looking for some costumes or masks for a theme party? Just give Champers Party Shop a call and we will be happy to help you with the type of costume you might be looking for.

If you have any confusion as to how you should plan your wedding or a birthday party, or just want to throw a special party for your friends, contact Champers Party Shop and we will be happy to help you with balloon and party decoration ideas.

Champers Party Shop will always be glad to help you with any party supplies or party decorations you need, even if you need helium balloons or special designer balloons – just drop a phone call 021 137 4445 and we will manage it.

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Champers Party Shop is now Home Based.

Helium balloons and balloon decorating is what we excel in! Feel free to email us and we’ll be in touch with you soon!

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