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Helium Balloon Decorations Auckland 2
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Helium Balloon Decorations Auckland 4

Party and Event and Supplies Auckland

We offer a range of party themes we can style your next occasion to. If you have an idea we haven’t mentioned, talk to us (021 137 4445), and we can see what we can do to suit your needs.

Party Themes

  • Anniversaries
  • Baby Showers
  • Birthdays (any age!)
  • Christmas
  • Fairy
  • Father’s Day
  • Fiesta
  • Graduation
  • Halloween
  • Mother’s Day
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Weddings

Party Theme Products

Party Supplies Auckland Badges Party Supplies Auckland Banners Party Supplies Auckland Books And Keys Party Supplies Auckland Candles Party Supplies Auckland Catering Suppllies Party Supplies Auckland Costume Masks Party Supplies Auckland Dressup Party Supplies Auckland Foam Party Supplies Auckland Latex Masks Party Supplies Auckland Napkins Party Supplies Auckland Party Favours Party Supplies Auckland Party Hats Party Supplies Auckland Party Wigs Party Supplies Auckland Partyware Party Supplies Auckland Scatters Party Supplies Auckland Spangles Party Supplies Auckland Streamers

Party Badges

Big & Small Badges For Birthdays (Ages 1 To 100) & Hen Parties.

Party Banners

Banners Of All Types, For Birthdays, Congratulations, Happy Christening, Happy Engagement, Good Bye Good Luck, Welcome Home, Anniversary, Baby First Communion, Bon Voyage, Hen Party, Look Who’s Getting Married, Retirement, Sorry You’re Leaving, Wedding – Just Married, Merry Christmas & More!

Books & Keys

Birthday Autograph Books & Keys For Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries & Congratulation Parties.


Birthday Candles Of All Styles – Original, Numbers, Fairy, Pirate, Happy Birthday, Star, Glitter, Candy Stripe, Polkadot, Neon, Spiral, Glow In The Dark, Metallic, Jumbo, Zig Zag, Smile Novelty, Musical & More!

Catering Supplies

Muffin & Cupcake Cases, Check Tickets, Doyleys, Cocktail Toothpicks, Flag Picks, Disposable Cocktail, Wine Glass, Champagne, Martini, Shot, Hi Ball, Beer & Tumbler Glasses, Cocktail Umbrellas, Wine Charms, Swizzle Stick, Flexi Straws, Cocktail Animals, Napkins, Caprice Rolls, Table Cloths, Plastic Rolls & Plastic Cutlery.

Costume Masks

Headbands, Short Feather Masks, Medium Side Feather Masks, Medium Centre Feather Masks, Large With Side Plume, Large With Centre Plume, Gold & Silver, Other Colours, Cats, Butterflies, Side Decorations, Half & Full Face, Voodoo Satan – Halloween & With Handles.

Dress Up

Bunny Ears & Playgirl Bunny Sets, Cats Ears, Mickey & Minnie, Miss Kitty Dress-Up Sets, Leopard, Ready To Go Costumes, Broom, Umbrellas, Tattoos, Boobs, Wands, Canes, Cig Holders, Clown Braces, Tie, Nose, Wig, Cowboy Dress Up Sets, Sheriff Badges, Gun Holsters, Bow & Arrow Set, Indian Headdress, Police & Pilot Sets, Police Batons, Hawaiian Leis & Skirts, Devil Horns, Headbands, Tridents, Tail, Red & Black Sets, Witch & Wizard, Capes, Mask & Gloves Sets, Kid’s Pantyhose, Skirts, Adult Pantyhose, Fishnets, Lace Top Stockings, Child’s Striped & Printed Halloween Tights, Feather Boas & Fans, Bling Jewellery, Silver & Gold Pendants & Rings, Pendants, Chokers, Rings, Goth Chokers, Bracelets, Punk, Peace Medals, Halloween Bats, Vampire, Spider Sets, Rings, Earrings, Head Boppers, Wings, Angel, Butterfly, Spider, Fairy Wings, Tiaras, Crowns, Feather Wings & Halo, Bowties & Braces, Novelty Glasses Including, Elvis, Lennon, Dollar Sign, Hearts, Gloves & Garters, Make Up, Eyelashes, & Body Bits, Beards & Moustaches, Novelty Teeth, Axes, Swords, Daggers, Cleavers, Sickle, Tridents, Medieval, & Lots Of Halloween Type Props, Spiders, Cats, Rats, Bats, Halloween Props & Decorations, Hanging Decorations, Ghouls, Vampires, Skeletons, Door Signs, Tombstones, Skulls, Monsters & Gargoyles & Pirates Eye Patch & Earrings, Cutlass, Gloves, Flags, Telescope, Boot Tops, Hooks & More.

Foam Numbers

Foam Numbers, Centrepieces, Butterflies, Happy Birthday, Hearts & Stars.

Latex Masks

Scream, Skull, Devil, Witch, Dracula, Ghoul, Vampire, Silver Robot, Skeleton, Ape, Scar Face, Alien, Elvis, Desert Storm, Spider Web, Invisible, Phantom, Hockey, Werewolf, Clown & More!


Ages 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 & Happy Birthday.

Party Favours

Whistles, Clickers, Acrobats, Games, Water Pistols, Yoyo’s, Medals, Masks, Party Hats, Champagne Bubbles, Celle Bags, Stars, Piñata, Light Stick, Trumpets & Other Fun Party Favours!

Costume Hats

Viking, Mongol, Pharaohs, Military, Irish, Leprechaun, St Patricks, Elf, Santa, Reindeer, Halo, Witch, Cowboy, Indian, Top Hats, Police, Marine, Fireman, Gangster, Pirate, Bowlers & Tons More!

Designer Partyware Sets

First Birthday, Fairy, Pirate, Dinosaur & Jungle.

Costume Wigs

Jane Austen, Marilyn, Beyonce, Tina Turner, Stella, Clown, Mohawk, Bald Head, Elvis, Wolf Man, Hippie, Annette, 60s, 80s, Poppy, Morticia, Long & Short Of Many Colours!


Numbers, Stars, Hearts, Balloons, Birthday, Engaged, Moon, Merry Christmas & More!


Numbers, Stars, Happy Birthday & Grass.

Crepe & Streamers

Gala Crepe Paper, Metallic Crepe, Jumbo Streamers, Small Streamers & More!

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Champers Party Shop is now Home Based.

Helium balloons and balloon decorating is what we excel in! Feel free to email us and we’ll be in touch with you soon!

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